time-saving features for busy parents

lil'grams gets out of the way while making your life simple

Memory Manager

Lil'Grams organizes your memories into "grams", short little telegrams about your baby.

A Gram For Every Milestone

Grams are designed for baby's various milestones — we're always looking for new ones to add!

New Gram

Status Updates

Lil'Grams offers a simple status update for your baby, much like Facebook, IM, or Twitter.

Quick Update

Time Savers

Lil'Grams has lots of little tricks up its sleeve to make your day easier.

Guesstimate Dates

Sometimes, it's hard to remember when something happened. Lil'Grams tries to guess this for you or lets you guess if you'd prefer.

Guesstimate Dates

Email Posting

Email is your ally with Lil'Grams. Send us quick emails from anywhere and we'll sort things out. Every gram has its own email special address!

Email Posting

Photos & Videos

Lil'Grams is the ultimate file manager. We work just as easily with files you upload to us as the ones you already have online.

Import Albums

Import photos from the leading photo sites: Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa. We're working to add more sources very soon!

New Album

Upload Away!

Upload batches of photos and videos, then sort them out when you're ready.

New Album

Contact Manager

We're even better than a virtual assistant — we keep track of each loved one, how often they want to be updated, and deliver updates on your behalf.

Invite Anyone

Our invitation process is super simple and lets you get the word out to everyone that matters.

Address Book

Universal Address Book

Organize your email, Facebook, and Twitter contacts all in one place. We handle getting the word to the right place.

Address Book

Sharing & Publishing

Email Notifications & Newsletters

Lil'Grams delivers beautiful email notices instantly, daily, weekly, and monthly to your loved ones.

Instant Daily Weekly Monthly

Interactive Baby Book

Your grams are published to an interactive journal that puts your memories on display.

Address Book

Customizable Sharing

Lil'Grams allows you to quickly choose which of your contacts you want to share with, gram-by-gram.

Address Book

Privacy & Safety

Your baby's memories privacy and security is our first priority. We designed Lil'Grams from the ground up with this in mind.


Every baby book is password-protected and invitation-only.

Powered by Amazon

Your memories (including the grams, photos, videos and comments) are backed up on Amazon.com's servers so they are never lost.

Offline Backups

We've designed a fully-downloadable version of Lil'Grams so you can keep your very own copy on your home computer.

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